1. Proof of U.S. citizenship
  A previous U.S. passport, naturalization certificate, or a copy of a birth certificate are acceptable.
  A certified copy of a birth certificate will be acceptable if it contains:
    Full Name of Child
    Date of Birth
    Place of Birth
    Date of registration
    Signature of Registrar
    Seal of Registrar's Office
  If a birth certificate is not available, secondary evidence may be submitted. School records, baptismal certificates, and census reports which contain information regarding applicant's date and place of birth, are among the types of records which may be used to establish proof of U.S. citizenship. Affidavits of parents, doctors, and nurses attending birth, may also be submitted along with other records for consideration.
  2. Proof of Identity
  A picture ID, such as a previous U.S. passport, a valid driver's license, a valid Military ID card, a valid State ID card or a naturalization certificate are acceptable proof of identity. Expired documents are not acceptable.
  3. Two Photographs
  Two identical 2"x 2" photographs which have been taken within the past six months are required. The photographs must be color. The photographs must be full frontal or whole face view and must have a white or off-white background. (Vending machine photos are not acceptable.) We do provide photography service at this time. (See the Fee Schedule for cost)
  4. Required Fees
  The required fees must accompany the passport application. See the Fee Schedule to determine what payment is due.