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Motor Vehicle, APV's, Off-Road Motor Cycles and Watercraft Title Fees


Original Title   $15.00
Title and Lien Notation   $15.00
Title, Memo and Lien Notation   $15.00
Duplicate Title (Lost, Stolen or Destroyed)   $15.00
Replacement Title (Alteration, Correction, Erasure or ETA)   $15.00
Lien Replacement Title (add Lien to current Title)   $15.00
Lien Replacement Title (Add Lien and Memo Title)   $15.00
Dealer Resale Title with Lien   $15.00
Salvage Title with Lien   $15.00
Leasing, Rental or Company Title   $15.00
Repossession Title   $15.00
Memo Title Only   $5.00
Dealer Resale Title   $5.00
Salvage Title   $5.00



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